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Using Octenol to Attract Mosquitoes

Octenol is an natural chemical that occurs naturally as a by-product of plants and some animals that eat a lot of vegetable produce. If carbon dioxide is mixed with octenol, it has been found to be an attractant to several mosquito species. There are other insects such as no-see-ums and biting midges that are also attracted to this scent. It has been proven to be a very effective product, especially for no-see-ums.


Octenol is also a pesticide ingredient that is used to attract mosquitoes and biting flies. It does not kill the insects; it only attracts them. It can be used in combination with other products and devices that do kill them once they are successfully attracted to the device. It is important to be aware that non-pest insects are also attracted and destroyed by some of the devices.

If octenol is ingested, there is a possibility for toxicity. It is not, however, harmful in the air to humans, pets, or the environment. It is vitally important that it is kept safely away from children to avoid the possibility of ingesting. Placement of the attractant and device utilized to catch biting insects should be carefully considered. It should be kept safely away from children and pets.

To be most effective in mosquito control, the attractant should be placed between the breeding grounds of the mosquito and the area where the people are located. There are range limits that the attractant will reach and this needs to be considered in the placement of the trap as well.


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